Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves at G&B!

 May 2015

L to R Laura George Kate


Laura McBrown, MD says on her appointment: “G&B is a fantastic opportunity for me; products made in the UK are becoming more and more sought after, particularly abroad.   G&B has what it takes to produce products to a quality level that our customers can be proud of and build their reputation upon.  In our next chapter we need to deliver growth through efficiency and customer service.  It is with the utmost pride that I’m standing on the shoulders of a giant to make G&B the most sought after contract manufacturer in the UK.”

George McBrown said: “I am fortunate that I have two daughters working for me who are passionate about continuing the business.  Laura has been working alongside me for the past 17 years, she has extensive experience of electronic product design, manufacture and regulatory requirements particularly in the medical device sector. Kate has been at G&B for five years and recently passed her CIPD HR qualification. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all G&B’s customers, suppliers and employees over the years for their support.”

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