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Complementing G&B PCB assembly services, we also offer sub and full product assembly service straight through to packing level. G&B feel that to add real value to the outsourcing process our customers need to be able to progress their deliveries to their end customers as quickly as possible. This provides final packaged and tested products, ensuring customers enjoy improved cash flow, reduced storage needs and purchasing management reduced by minimised stock holding.

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For the best in service at G&B our added value customer benefits include:

  • A highly skilled IPC certified workforce
  • A fully air conditioned ESD controlled and certified factory
  • Experienced planning team to set up, control, monitor and validate your product manufacture.
  • Serial number control and traceability
  • ERP Database Control
  • Stock Control


The capability to operate the most efficient systems and processes is assured by our experience and resources across:

  • Production management of the most complex of assemblies
  • Variant management to packing level
  • Stock management and purchase control of metalwork, injection moulding, extrusions, etc
  • Good Inward Inspection
  • Management of painting and machining processes.
  • Stock management and purchasing of bespoke packaging, instruction manuals, CD’s and other off the shelf items.
  • Dedicated production cells
  • RoHS and Non RoHS processes
  • 50 manual assembly stations
  • Wiring workshop
  • Conformal coating ­ Sprayed or Dipped
  • Labelling / traceability / serial number control
  • Product recall infrastructure
  • Free issue kits assembly


G&B have engaged the following process control procedures to guarantee the quality of sub and full product assembly is maintained.

  • G&B maintain an approved supplier database and monitor each supplier’s performance with regard to quality and delivery. Mouldings, metalwork, machining and painting are all goods inwards inspected.
  • We have internal IPC trainers to ensure that all existing staff are kept up to date with the latest assembly techniques and that new staff are properly trained prior to working on any ‘live’ jobs.
  • All processes and procedures are regularly audited both internally and externally.
  • We maintain full operator to serial number traceability.

Our quality standards include.

  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • IPC-A-610 (Inspection)
  • IPC J-STD-001 (Assembly)
  • IPC 7711/7721 (Rework)
  • BS EN 61340-5-1/2 (ESD)

In addition to these standards we also have the following medical quality standards:

  • FDA Registered and Inspected
  • ISO 13485: 2016
  • Certification for the accreditation of foreign manufacturings in Japan

Established as a supplier to the US, Japan and Europe, G&B Manufacturing Services are well placed in the international market for delivering global solutions, understanding primary regulatory bodies and the subsequent demands on businesses across industry standards. Please contact us for more information on 01420 474 188 or email us to understand how we can help your business in these markets.

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