procurementG&B offers a cost-effective range of component-procurement options, from complete supply chain management through to full customer free issue kit. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure that we continuously building partnerships that are commercially beneficial to all.

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Our procurement best practice ensures added value benefits for customer benefits including:

  • Reduced Cost of Acquisition
  • Reduced Stock Inventory
  • Reduced Stores Capacity Requirement
  • Supplier Reduction
  • Excess Inventory Management
  • ERP Controlled Consolidated Buying
  • Supply Chain Management
  • In-house component engineer to advise on component obsolescence, availability issues and recommend alternatives for your technical review.



Our extensive work and expertise in Procurement facilitate effective capabilities in:

  • Full Component Traceability
  • Component Lead Time Management
  • Attrition Management
  • Excess Inventory Management
  • Forecast Management
  • Kan Ban / Fax Ban Arrangements
  • End of Life Management
  • ERP Controlled Consolidated Buying
  • Tape and reeling
  • IC Programming


For G&B Quality is a priority. We ensure customers gain the full advantage of what we deliver which is enhanced by systematic processes and procedures adhered to throughout all our business activities:

  • All suppliers to G&B undergo our Vendor Approval Process which ensures that every link within the supply chain is operating to an approved quality management system.
  • G&B maintain an approved supplier database and monitor each supplier’s performance with regard to quality and delivery.
  • The ERP system enables G&B to maintain full component traceability.
  • Purchase of any alternative components is controlled via our Concession Procedure and is strictly under the authorisation of the design authority.

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