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warehousing and logistics box packingThis final stage of the manufacturing process is an area not fully utilised by most companies.  G&B believe that if you contract out your manufacturing, then you should received complete, tested and final packaged product that you can sell. 

If it is in its final packaging ready for sale does it make sense to send us your delivery note and we’ll ship direct to your distributors?  Saving you storage space, admin charges, insurance costs and potentially halving your shipping costs. 

If G&B can ship direct to your customers or distributors, could they deal directly with your customers / distributors for any returns, upgrades etc again saving you time and money?

G&B offer a variety of options to help you get lean with your manufacturing partner and drive out costs, call one of our sales team today to find out how we can help you.

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  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced stores space requirement
  • Reduced stores administration
  • Reduced admin costs
  • Reduced stock insurance
  • Reduced shipping charges
  • Fully air conditioned stores
  • ERP controlled to packing level
  • No requirement to buy and hold stock of manuals, packaging and other off the shelf items


  • Kan Ban
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Serial number to distributor or end customer traceability
  • Limited liability to forecast
  • Printing of manuals and bespoke printed packaging
  • Supply of product accompanying items such as bags, harnesses, fixings etc
  • Creation of ERP controlled packing instructions
  • Customer returns
  • Customer Upgrades



All G&B’s final packing contracts are controlled by their database, each one has a quality controlled work instruction to ensure your product is packed with the upmost care ensuring that your customers are delighted with their purchase.


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