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The Challenge

A revolutionary sleep monitoring algorithm, utilising a single channel of brain wave (EEG) data was developed in the Engineering Department of Oxford University and led to the spin off of the Oxford based company ‘Oxford BioSignals Ltd’. The directors needed to develop a monitor to market beside their software product.

Lifelines and G&B were awarded the contract to design, develop and manufacture the BioSomnia device.

The Action

A design and development plan was put into action. The skills of Lifelines were used to produce the circuit diagrams and the drawing offices services, prototype department and manufacturing facilities of G&B were used to ensure the finished product met with the necessary medical approvals.

The Outcome

Within six months from the initiation of the project Oxford BioSignals were able to apply for CE approval and launch the product at the American Professional Sleep Society in Seattle.

G&B now produce the BioSomnia device in volume and provide after sales support for Oxford BioSignals, whilst the development of additional products continue.


“G&B were approached with a view to manufacturing the BioSomnia devices because of their successful relationship with Lifelines. However, as the discussion progressed it became apparent that G&B had far more to offer than just manufacturing services! The knowledge and skill in mechanical design and PCB layout within the drawing office proved extremely valuable to the project and prototypes were quickly and efficiently produced. The project was completed on time and the device is now in production. Oxford BioSignals has confidence that each batch received has been accurately manufactured within the G&B quality systems and we look forward to working with G&B on the next devices within the BioSomnia family of products.”

Dr Charles Potter, Product Manager, Oxford BioSignals Ltd

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