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The Project

The Tenease device is an affordable drug free pain solution for the management of tennis elbow pain, available for the price of less than two months supply of ibuprofen. It is the vision of Mr. Ranjan Vhadra. MBBS, FRCS, FRCS (Trauma & Orthopedics) who graduated in medicine from the St. Bartholomew’s Medical School in London. Mr Vhadra, is a practicing consultant orthopedic surgeon in Guernsey, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and an International member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Mr. Oliver Hutcheon, Managing Director of MLE who is a prolific entrepreneur who has built companies in the music industry,  online gaming, and the sports nutrition sector.

Mr Vhadra and Mr Hutcheon have utilised 30 years extensive research into the treatment of pain using vibration technology to develop a unique solution to a problem that affects over one million people in the UK each year alone. When they contacted G&B they were looking to capitalise on their innovative pain solution and corner their market fast!!!

As a start up company MLE were on a on sharp learning curve for the quality approvals required for the development and production of medical products and were lacking in the infrastructure to scale up their production in line with the product potential their marketing analysis had identified.  Any of which could be sufficient to risk the success of the launch, credibility of the product or security of the supply chain.

They identified an opportunity within G&B to offset many of the potential risks they faced bringing their product to market and securing their supply chain.

G&B could offer them product manufacture to worldwide medical standards and approvals, supplied tested and packaged delivered direct to their distribution house.  Assistance with CE marking and the production and maintenance of their technical files, if required.  They also identified that G&B have a good technical knowledge and experience in getting a medical product to market, the credit status required to secure a supply chain, and the ability to ramp up production if required.

Notably, the deciding factor in partnering with G&B was the low cost of manufacture for the early low volume production runs. By engaging a manufacturing base in the UK MLE didn't expose itself to long production lead times and long distance communication as it would have done if it engaged a manufacturer in the Far East. Because of the competitive pricing G&B was able to give, MLE benefited from the flexibility and consistent working practices of a UK manufacturer without being penalised on production cost.

Initiating The Project

G&B and MLE worked together to produce a validation batch of PCB's before time trialing the final assembly.  Delivery of the first batch of product, assembled and tested to GA level, was achieved within 3 months.

MLE and G&B then worked closely to transfer MLE's existing stock parts and outstanding orders to G&B to ensure seamless manufacturing transfer.  This maximised all the supplier relationship work MLE had already completed and minimising re-tooling costs.

Managing Product Delivery

G&B are now delighted to have an approved supply chain in place for the Tenease, accurate management of excess inventory and are scheduling supply of final packaged product direct to MLE'schosen distributors ready for sale.

Future Opportunities

The future looks very bright for this innovative company. There is a lot of interest in this product across Europe from the medical profession, premium brand chemists, internet sales and even a shopping channel.  They have new products in the pipeline and new markets to explore.

G&B are geared up to ramp up production as required and hope to be able to support the company using their FDA audited processes when they look to break America.


“Working with G&B has been very productive and I can't speak highly enough about their management team. They deliver when they say they'll deliver, charge what they quote for and are great people to work with. Their skills and expertise have allowed us to concentrate on bringing an innovative product to market in a difficult arena with the comfort of knowing that the manufacturing side is taken care of.”

Medical Light Engineering's Managing Director

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