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Lifelines Ltd.

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The Challenge

To work in Partnership with the Technical Director of Lifelines to design, develop and manufacture a revolutionary Ambulatory EEG (electrencephalograph) recorder, that meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive and FDA approval, all within 9 months.

The Action

The circuit design output from Lifeline’s Technical Department was taken into the design office at G&B. PCB layout, mechanical enclosure design, and a manufacturing drawing package soon emerged.

G&B’s prototype team went into action, purchased components and built 6 systems for Lifelines to evaluate. Attention to detail during design paid off; the prototypes were suitable for customer evaluation and submission to test house.

The Outcome

CE approval was awarded under G&B’s Medical Devices Certification enabling production to commence. The first system was delivered to a paying customer on schedule, 9 months from the project start. Lifelines went on to sell over 120 systems worldwide within the first year of production, exceeding its sales target.

G&B continue to manufacture Lifelines products and to support their worldwide network of distributors.


"We have used G&B’s range of services in the design and manufacture of our products. We are extremely impressed with their professional approach and expertise used in bringing our products to market. They have been 110% committed to quality, flexibility and customer service, so much so that they now send our product direct to our distributors."

David Hulin ­ Managing Director, Lifelines Ltd

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