Corporate Responsibility Policy

G&B Electronic Manufacturing Services Ltd recognises its responsibility to it's employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. G&B will comply with all relevant national and other applicable laws, and aim for continuous improvement in financial, social and environmental performance. This Corporate Responsibility Policy sets out G&B’s values relating to the management of social, ethical and environmental issues.

G&B is committed to:

Upholding sound corporate governance principles, by:

Providing a supportive, rewarding and safe work environment, by:

Conducting business relationships in an ethical manner, by:

Supporting communities in which we operate, by:

Minimising the impact of products and processes on the surrounding
environment, by:

Encouraging our contractors and suppliers to adopt and implement these
principles, by:

Acting as a responsible supplier to support our customers, by:

The Managing Directors and General Managers of our business units are responsible for the implementation of this policy.  This policy and its implementation will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it remains appropriate and relevant to the organisation and the company is committed to providing the necessary support in order to ensure that the business can fulfil the
requirements outlined in this policy.

This policy will be communicated to everyone working for or on behalf of the G&B.

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